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Rafting 30 Percorrerete un tratto di fiume studiato appositamente per permettere ai ragazzi e adulti di divertirsi e approcciarsi al mondo del fiume e del rafting in tutta sicurezza. Galleria Rafting. Cosa dicono di noi Gianluca C. Massi, Brandizzo TO. Zokki71, Alessandria AL. Robertoppe87, Milano MI. Siti amici Hotel Whlttaker and Mrs. A dellehtful pro- gramme consisting of vornl solds by Mrs. Olllespy, in the ehstr. Social welfare and sick Tlslt- tng reports.

Clay was read, asking the members. Mrs Spencer and Mrs, , O'Neill. On December 17, tht an- nual turkey drive will 1w held, and a parlrti party on January T. AMaa's WJf. Aldan's Society was held recently In the AA. Mrs I,. Mrs I. HoUing; vice-pre. Dawaon: treasurer. Jemilngs, supply sec- retary, Mrs. Harvey; temperance. Haley; press secretary. Mrs OrlCBths. The visiting oommlttee Includes Mrs. The musical Itenu. Oodard a "Sec- ond Mazurka";. Following the meeting, there will be a luncheon at thn Dominion Hotel Guest speaker will be Mr.

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Albert Thomas Reynolds, only son of Mrs. Reynolds, Transit Road, sod the late Mr. Reynolds, EaUrboro, England. Social and personal ' ning. Harpor, 'Sr. Later, sup- per was served, the table centred with red chrysanthemums in a crys- Houm;. Joseph Harper. M vcH M in rhtir wcll-kaeva t -Kb. Tripin Csftea.

Vpon the forward deck stood a miniature bride and groom. During the evening Mrs. Bert Noel sang several solos, accompanied by Miss K. Games and commtuilty singing were enjoyed. A bufTet. Mrs A. Sam Waldjon. Hlgglns, Mr. Harvey, Mrs. CoiUugs, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs.

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Bradley, Mrs. Johnny Johnson, Mrs. Malloy, Mr. Anthony Clabon entertained at Mrs. Upward, Mrs T.

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Hurry Mrs K. Bhaw aiilated her deugh- ler in receiving and also presided at the table. After lunclieon the girls attended the Capitol Theatre. Paye Smith. Norma Brain.

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Lome I Fulton, Sheila Sullivan. Christine Lahmer. Marjory-Carter and Leooce Ccawlocd. Maureen Orute. KnterUlns at Tea FYillowlng the chn. Taylor, president of the JA. IfiSB B. Holms entertained at a cocktail party yesterday afternoon st their home In Patio Court, Oak nay. Jonah ' and "I Want You for chrlstnas. December mh. House, Mrs.. Joyce, Mrs. Mrs S Hou.

Dawson, Mrs. Mrs B Noel, Mrs. Dun- ford, Mrs. Beverly Noel and Mrs ,rs A. Crowcroft, S. C, Joyce. Stewart, Moss Street. Mlver holders. Assisting in serving were Misses Ruth Hamersley. Rene Wauson, Beverley Prescott and Df. Mary Lou Bryant. Dwis Mannir. Yuletkle decorations were iKsfd throughout the reception rooni.

Miss Thompson also received a lovely cor. Oames and eontests I were miirh enjoyed. Dorothj Watson, Lots Cockell. Barbara Cornwall, all former cla. George Leggett. Mark W Cuzner. Ooldring, Beresford Place, and Miss litemle Wright, gave a coclttall party yes- terday afternoon, when about a himdred guests were p re s e n t The reception rooms were gay with Chrt. J E Wark in Uendale. Miss Lamont drove down with Mrs. George D. Nelson Lay. Lieutenant- Commander Lay. John W.

Rafting sul fiume Lao

Hill, who has been visiting hU uncle, Mr. Hill, Esqulmalt Road, left yesterday for his home m Lfwes. Tadman will regret to hear that she Is a patient in St. Upon the brlde-lo-bes arrival she was pre- sented with a corsage bouquet of red eamaUonn by little Miss Lois Prnner'iv. T7ie nuirif-rous Klft. An- dreww. Mrs J f. Mn J A Dressy, Mrs. Mr- W tllii-. Mtaceilaneoua shower Mrs. Mrs H Vminc, Mn P. Mth Oll- Ittintd. Ferguson, Mrs. WU- Kewmsn. George A. Hood, became the bride of Mr. WUllam M.

James Hood performed t h e eeee m ony in the presence of rejatives. Townsend pUtyed the wedding mu. Her aoesssortes were Mack. Wllsoif was best iiiiin Mrs. Hillside Avenue. Many of the higher- priced frocks have been radically reduced. You'll find every beautifully smart creation "Budget Priced".

December 17, st the Horse Show Building, Willows riii!. Dei rmbry! Trimmed with m;trabu and poms. The Mr. Pred Hawkins, Jr.. John Mclvor supported the groom. After the ceremony, a small reoeptton was held at the home of Mr and Mr. The young couple wlU make their home in the Acorn Apartaients. T Riird Mr and Mrs. Roshrn Rd. Raymond Herriott, which unit- ed Miss Kstherlne R. Herriott snd Mr. Ex Latte. Ss t Si BOt, 7Bt fl. The supper room had been most- artistically ar- ranged with chrysanthemums In bron p shades, fharK'on and charfe.

Each, fran Smyrna Fifs! Stylos for matrons, missos and litHo wooicu. XasA tbk groat opportunity to isi iita fmm Wintor coat wfiBa tbo assortment is compltte. Bertuccl, was present. Winnie and Oemva Falllek. NWMMUr rbimri. Cox oad K. NAL Dl. I In fart. Today It la known that In the va. A child or adult wlvo kI utters.

James Sonnett Oreene. New Yoilc. Irlls ii. Over M per cant gave a definite hlatmy oC emotkmol m- stnhlllty m tho famllv. Inherit stuttering s. Ibdi Kniqhr Tketa ara to eaiy ta Iseader, toe. Far Mt I 1. If parents taachera. In fact, all of UA, realizcfi the intense nervous struggle Koing on wlien the stnttrr- er tries to speak, we tould li.

Ham- fer fift. It's top action with Ztnith.

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Sua tha naw Zanitb NOW The new typa agitator The Roaleruclan Digo. Al anro ik. Botany, agncul- tiire. The danger periods are am. The child bom 99 Decet. If a woman and DeiemtxT 13 It. The child bom on December 10 Is Ilk'! Aa a naturaliat, aeiantut.

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I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it. Raggiungigi sul fiume Brembo in Val Brembana - Bergamo. Raggiungigi sul fiume Brembo in Val Brembana - Bergamo. A flat structure, typically made of planks, logs, or barrels, that floats on water and is used for transport or as a platform for swimmers. Booking and Questions Prerequisites Participation in the open trainings is possible for all interested persons with basic physical fitness.

TMcterm South Turner Streft. She carried a shower bouquet of Ophelia white camttkini and boitvarsla The bride's slater. Miss Betty! Tf hKlf wa. She also wore a pink laah and pink slippers, and a pale green bandeau In her hair. They both worp niitt4 iis to match their frock. A floor-lenKth frork of pink j organdie over poach ifttTcia. Toyce Coles, the junlw attendant, nhe aim were a spray of peach lowers on her head and ckrrled a Colonial rwv of roses, camatlbns snd violet. Alexander Oarf. Vancouver, wts best man. Jack Paul. Vancouver, and Mr. Louis MarUn. The bride. Stood nn a.

In apple green satin. The bride left In a ilnnla nurt coat with a grey fur col- lar and brown nrcs. Among the many gifts was a large eut-Bln. Corbett and Mrs. The wadding will taka plaot quitUy Oaetoibar IS. ERN Mr. Sylvia Maud, to Mr. Mary Evelyn Oods, to Mr. The wedding wUl take place shortly.

Tln ma. Mjn of Mr. Thomas F. Monahan, Co: iinso p Str eet. The wedding wi take place on December Mrs, H, w. A Oengc. The Ouldes, Rangers and Brownies attending the concert K'rert4'd the announcement Vtth en- thusiastic applause. A programme of piano solos, reci- t.

Among the numbers was a piano. Son a Hcnie, attractive skating stiir, is seen here in a prin- cess evening gown with iridescent sequins in a floral pattern forming a pand down the front. Mus Yuie George, the cap- , tcrtainment of the evening, and was tain, thanked the audience for tts thoroughly enjoyed.

Michael s. Royal Oak. The programme inchiflrd ' Pn lude and Fugue in E Major. I at pm. Mayor Andrew McOavln. InvlUtions have been sent to the children of the BC. Company has offered to provldt tranqwctatlon, and can- dies will bt fivoB by the Oamelerisp store. The tea Is being, sponaond by the ' n or W. Josspil's Hos- pilal. Mary Comber: Matty. Ue, and Eanuny Emoothwatcr. Pat I Byrom The second play, whicii concluded the pcogramme, was given by the Fir. The Light Went Out. DeVere; Bunny Cloeri. The sound effects, stage proper- Mr. December Patrons for the event will be Hi. Hon P. M Mac- Pberson and Mrs.

I mem Street, In honor of Mrs. Winnipeg, vice - pre.

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Kenneth Hlncks presided and reported that In aid of the Chn. Simpson, Vancouver; Mr. Cowichan, Mr and Mrs A. Gibbons and daugluer, Duncan; F Bod in. Los Angeles; Mts. Miss O. Mains, Duncan; Ml. G Campbell. Victoria; A. Vancouver; Irene B. Leona Totten. Marion Nelson. Lois HIbbs. Port Angeles: Mr. A P Moore, Mrs. Alex Johnston. McKenzie, Cumberland; A. V E Hansen. J Bowden. BremefT ton. Knights of Columbus basketball team. Seattle; Mrs E WrtxMcr. Vaiudi- ver; O. Dawson, Y. Victoria: R. Vancouver: Mrs and Mi. Parksvllle; Capt. Cam- eron, Vanooum. I mortgage. It was decided that the institute would enteruin the mem- ten Of thO student prartK r danrc.

A- special ChrLstma. December at. Rev R K M Yrrburgh gave an inlerr. Drcimber PAirL'ff St r. H MrQuron. Tea wa. A short was given, m which Miss Charlebols and Mls. Mr Ron. Ixteentli hirihd.

Training Dates 12222

Tate and Mr. Nicholson; seconds. OkJfiiM r.. Mr- A. A special prize was won by Mrs. Dawea Rerreshment. Grieve, was ent- bv Miss Oldfleld. Demnberg, Mi. Vicks VapoRub is diiact. There's no "dosiiw"— no risk of.

Rafting At River Beas In Kullu

And kmf after the little one relaics Into rcstfbl sleep. VapoRub keeps right on working — hour after hour. Often, by morning the of the cold is over. Those tak- ing part are. Phyllis Mullen. Edna and Muriel Raper. Rev r fi Uritfttjis. Ken Rick. There was a gwxl attrndante from both groups.

Tklklng pietMrcs. The machinr is the late. All who are hard of hear- ing are wekome to attend the club every Wednesday evening and enjoy the lettiire. They will lUid. FMurtOen tables were in prog- ress. Heslip being in charge of contract, and Mr. Wyllle wa-s in charge of the supper room, and Mrs. Malnwarlng, the Sunshine convener. In charge of tKkets and the door Prizp win- ners were Whist. Miss E.

Richards and Mr. Miss Thompson and Mr. Rodmaa: contract bridge. Clegg and Mrs. Provincial librarian and ar- chlvlat. Ateat T. The lighting scheme is being pm- moted in an attempt to brighten the residential area of the city during the Yuleiide and make the public "more ChrLsiniaa minded. The seeood prlae Is MS. There v five prlze. Miscellaneous prizes also will be Pauline: Intosh, Ueut. De- cember 14, 1M7. Pte J. S Norrington. Hie following N.

Piper J. Ooittti, Tlpe BMd. Drew, blue I undress. The monthly meeu. Corporals" ,and Men s Mess will for eoeulog week. Decem- her 17, 1M7, commencinii ai 8 p m. Anuones, iiay. Deeeoiber 14, lgl7. Coast Brigade on Monday. Bach unit member la oordially Invited, and one male cuejt per man Is per- mltted. Orders by Capt. Oflleer Commanding! Bay Street. Victoria, on Tuesday, December 14, , at A hours.

Lecture, "Defence Against Oas. Watson, at hour. Dress, drill ipectfy B. Ilth C. OOeer Oo mm a ndlwg. Garden Entries may btf obtained from the olBoes of the Junior chamber of any electrical dealer in the city. Piffther Information may be ob- tained by telephoning Empire Priaea have been given by Davkl Bpenoer, Ltd. Northern Blee- tric. General Electric. Orderly Sergt. Knight; next for duty, A. Orderly Corpl.. Redgrave: next for duty, Cpl. Orderly Bugler. Bugler J Dry. Book and review 10, holiday parks and campsites in the UK, Europe and the Americas.

Villaggio Camping Orchidea Opens 1 January Site type. Tourist board rating. Child ages. Booking as a group? To generate better results: Choose the 'Multiple units per pitch' filter in the search results Break your booking down into smaller groups and book multiple sites. Dog s allowed 1 included, 1 max. Booking calendar Check availability Based on a 2 night stay for 2 adults. Car 1 included, 1 max. Doona and pillows 4 included, 4 max. Fridge 1 included, 1 max. TV 1 included, 1 max. Touring and motorhomes Motorhome service point Seasonal sites.

Rules Barbecue grills allowed Campfires allowed Commercial vehicles allowed Dogs allowed Dogs allowed all year. Themes Leave the car at home Spectacular scenery. Groups welcome Family friendly Motorcycle friendly Single-sex groups welcome Student groups welcome. Nearby amenities Bar nearby Convenience store nearby Public transportation nearby. Location [[ campsite. Book now. Directions Start address or postcode:.