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Ranger DST-2420 Wheel Balancer/Ranger R745 Tire Changer Combo Simple foot-pedal control Forged steel foot pedals are lightweight, easy to depress and extremely durable for continuous, daily use. A snap action spring return keeps the pedal bouncing spritely back to its starting position. Control valves within the foot pedal contain multi-link rod connections for non-binding plunger movement and precise bilateral control. Tilt-back tower design Tilt-back towers increase ground clearance, which lets you load and lock larger tire and wheel combinations.

It also makes removing them easier. Perhaps best of all, a pneumatic tool head returns to the same position for like sets of tires. The R76LT eliminates the need to manually find the right position with every wheel. Advanced drive belt system Ranger tire changers are made with a specialized drive belt that spreads wear evenly throughout the machine. Belt functionality is not weakened over time, and the entire system is protected by the tire changer chassis. Stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders Pneumatic cylinders are installed to prevent the equipment from vibrating too much.

Less movement means less friction. Cushions are installed to soften the end of each stroke, preserving the seals, wear bands and piston rods.

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The whole design is self-lubricating and easy to maintain. The tool head is gentle on tire beads when removing and replacing tires. We also include a completely nylon tool head for your convenience. The durable nylon construction is exceptionally good at protecting alloy rims and custom wheels. Spring-assisted tool shaft Horizontal outrigger support arms come on every Ranger tire changer tool head. They help protect the wheels and include a 45 mm spring-assisted hexagonal vertical tool shaft.

This setup ensures the tool head remains in the position you need it set. Guide bearings for all moving parts Every moving part in your tire changer is protected. Wear and tear is practically nullified on tower guides and other sensitive components. Foot-controlled tire inflator Our foot pedals control many functions on your tire changer, so you can safely keep two hands on your work at all times.

The single push of a button lets you release tire pressure at any time.

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A single, powerful burst of air is controlled by a contoured tab that locks immediately after the air blast. Optional Motorcycle clamps Available These are necessary for shops looking to service bikes. The motorcycle clamps are specially made for motorcycle wheel and tire sizes. It is a highly accurate and dependable no-rills balancer that features our proprietary Digital Sensor Technology for critical reliability and repeatability.

From one-bay shops to high-volume tire stores, the DST is built with a gritty toughness that puts out perfectly balanced wheels day after day, around the clock. A full-menu of time saving features that includes Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy settings allow you to balance OEM wheel configurations and performance wheels with minimal effort and speed. Digital Sensor Technology Our highly accurate Digital Sensor Technology features a digit digital signal processor and single-chip technology that increases productivity and offers unprecedented speed and accuracy--especially when using sophisticated balance and weight placement techniques required for newer high-tech OEM and aftermarket wheels.

Single-chip circuit board architecture provides an inherent performance and reliability advantage compared to multi-chip implementations of the same functionality.

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As far as the balancer is there anything worth mentioning that you wish it had or something to look out for? Find More Posts by sberry. Thanks for all the feedback guys much appreciated. Those clamps look interesting. I watched a few videos to get a feel for what role they serve and I guess it might be something cheap that could make my life easier.

I certainly do not want to rip a tire as some are quite expensive i.

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Its not that I will solely be doing low profile tires as Im sure Ill end up doing tires for family and close friends who drive everything under the sun. But being that one of my main motivators is for my own vehicles the thing that goes through tires most often will end up being the hardest tires to change.

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I have 3 sets of wheels for that car to give you an idea of where Im coming from. At the moment I need to do 4 tires but one of my sets I would like to dismount and flip to get some more life out of them. And those probably only have a couple events left on them anyway so in the next couple months Ill prob have done 12 tires just for that one car.

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No Mar Tire Changer. Voted the best by Motorcycle consumer news, Stop scratching your wheels! Easy to use. Beats coats and Harbor Freight. Made in. i don't have a coupon code, but they run specials every once in a while. bought I have a No Mar Classic model purchased new at this past.

The ROI is certainly there and I am going in on the machines with a good friend so we'll be splitting the cost. One of the things I wanted to establish was that the machine Im about to pull the trigger was capable of handling tires of that nature. And also being that that Hometheaterman picked up the exact setup I was curious on his personal feedback as well as what he paid given he mentioned he got it for cheap. I plan to meet up with the seller tonight.

We shall see Originally Posted by IndyGarage. I Low profile tires aren't really hard to do. I definitely recommend using clamps to hold the tire in the drop center of the wheel. Buy or Not?

Last edited by theoldwizard1; at PM. They both seem to be in good shape, scuffs and things like that but both are operable. Getting the machines into and out of the truck was interesting to say the least but thankfully there was a 2 post lift at the shop they came out of and we were able to do the same thing in my garage to lower it down in conjunction with straps. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to clean them up as currently anytime I touch them my hands become filthy From there I need to find a good place to keep the machines which means Ill be playing some garage musical chairs.

Then I need to sort of what I plan to do with running a new dedicated air line. I'll probably just use my welder plug for the balancer as opposed to running a dedicated circuit at least for the time being. But I really want to get organized and make a list of some tools that I should pick up. I got a ton of wheel weights but Ill be using mostly stick on weights which means the majority of the clamp on ones will just sit there.

I need to pick up a good bucket of lube. Seems there are many different styles but that Murphy's brand seemed to be well regarded. Should I be using different types of lube? It came with a tire iron but Im thinking it might be wise to pick up a different one or at the very least grab a protective sleeve for it so it wont mark up the wheels.

Also the bead breaker shovel is another thing that I think would be wise to protect. The clamp tools are a great idea so Ill either pick up a few of those or the set on the string.

NO-MAR CH200 Tire Changer Kit

After watching a couple videos I see how that'll come into play. The only other thing and the biggest thing right now is in regards to the plumbing of the system. For starters the whip going to the machine is old and brittle and leaking so that'll be replaced. No biggie. However, im reading a lot of mixed info in regards to the supply line pressure needed. My compressor is up to the task, Champion two stage unit, however in its current configuration I have the pressure switch set to shut off around and conpressor kicks on around ish I wanna say.

I currently have all my air lines going to a main water separator and regulator where its turned down to about then branches off from there. I could tee off right before the water separator and regulator so the machine will see whatever pressure is in the compressor tank but Id prefer not to from a simplicity sake and I miss out of one extra water trap. So it leaves me with a decision and was hoping to gather feedback.

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Would you run a separate drop that bypasses the regulator or just tap in after the regulator keep it set to and hope for the best and assuming that doesnt have enough powa just crank up the regulator anytime I need to do tires? Im really excited to get this thing operable as you can probably imagine its a dream come true, haha! Re: HF tire changer. Originally Posted by chopped.

And if they were able to use the long pie tool bar it comes with. Attached Thumbnails. Re: HF tire changer I have one and I love it.

I have it setup so I have anchor bolts in cement floor and can unbolt it and put away when not in use. I used it on car tires to my Kubota tires. The only thing that doesnt work is the the small lawn tractor tires as the hole is too small, I'd have to fabricate something to use a small spindle. Re: HF tire changer I got one 2 weeks ago and love it. I use both ends.. Originally Posted by radioman. I have one and I love it. Re: HF tire changer I've used mine for motorcycle tires, atv tires and even 16" trailer tires.

I lag bolt it to the deck when I need to use it.

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RuGlyde is a proper rubber lube that makes it relatively easy I don't use homemade lubes as they can cause a tire to slip on a rim. Originally Posted by Skyco. Re: HF tire changer I got one. Found it almost impossible to use the provided bar, it bent